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Our communities are better because of you!

Grace & Mercy Charitable Foundation is dedicated to helping feed and clothe our homeless population. Each week, Grace & Mercy feeds over 750 homeless people out of its Grace & Mercy Café located on Sacramento Street in Lodi, CA.

We are a grassroots organization that depends on our community to help others. In 2013, our volunteers logged over 2,500 hours of time gathering, preparing and distributing food to the homeless in Lodi, Stockton and San Joaquin County. It has been growing exponentially since then!

Together with your help, Grace & Mercy Charitable Foundation hopes to:

  • Encourage all citizens to help combat crime, drugs, and bligh
  • Create opportunities for all to realize their hopes for a satisfying and rewarding approach to life
  • Help create a quality of community life that benefits all the people of Lodi, regardless of their circumstances
  • Foster an acceptance of people from all walks of life…rich and poor, young and old, healthy and disabled, those who are successful and those who are struggling
  • Enable every individual to find a personal relationship with a Higher Power, which inspires, comforts, and guides each person to be the best he or she can be
  • Explore ways to meet the physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual needs of all those who seek a meaningful purpose for their life.
A group of volunteers working in community charity donation center.

To fully engage in the bettering of marginalized communities.

Encourage others to pursue and achieve a prosperous lifestyle.

Provide essential resources that satisfy the basic needs of our community.

There but for the grace of God go I and it’s his mercy that sustains me.

We know that one of the reasons the Grace & Mercy Foundation is successful in helping our communities is because our leaders and volunteers, more often than not, have walked in the same shoes as the men, women and children we get to serve. We believe the Grace of God gives us perspective, and we believe His mercy sustains our work.

Who you are today doesn't get to define who you can become tomorrow.